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Assignment Writing and academic Style- Guide 2021





The familiarity with the formal academic writing style is a basic step of the course stair. Apparently, it seems like all the students have a clear understanding of the academic writing structure of assignments. Yet, deep down, they do not follow the actual set of information given to them by instructors. Do you know why this happens? According to the experience of our essay writer, most students are new, while others are taking time to have a sturdy grip on minuteness. 




There are certain factors acting behind this. The fault is not always by the end of students. Sometimes, they put their all into constructing a well-crafted paper. But all hard work goes in vain when they see low grades. We will discuss the factors to provide you with enough knowledge to overcome these fundamental issues. 




  • Formality brings grace in perfect essay writing:




      Well, we need to separate things in a straightforward way. There are two kinds of writing styles.;



  1. One is clear from the heading and that it is a formal style.
  2. Other is colloquial style. 



  • Now the question is, why can't we choose to write in a conversational way for a critical analysis essay? See, the main difference is the audience and requirements. But, of course, the curriculum maker or managers have seen the results. 
  • It is the norm of academic assignments that these should be based on formal writing style;




  1. This is to produce total informative content without indulging in any single irrelevant example or sentence. 
  2. Somewhat, the audience is typically known and well educated about the topic. So, the need for a tone to pitch the audience and use creative stories is not mandatory here in any aspect. 
  3. Be on point and address the topic as per requirements. Then, follow the outline to achieve the main point directly. 



  • In contrast, creative writing needs some tricks and innovative strategies to grab the attention and focus of the audience;



  1. It may lack solid evidence, but the persuasive way of elaborating took the people towards it. 
  2. Well, it doesn't require following the set pattern in this. In fact, it chooses to construct the documents in an informal talking style. 
  • We are here focusing upon academic writing, so coming back to the actual topic, we expect you have developed an understanding of differences among both types. 




  1. Objectified content:



  • Your academic assignments are given to you for a reason. Professors are not only here to see your writing skills. In fact, proving your research question and achieving your objective of constructing the whole research is mandatory. 
  • You have to be very careful to not using slang or short informal terms. For instance, you cannot use the word I think, according to what people think, or in their opinion, etc. There is no permission granted yet to accept this way of student's official writeups. Instead, choose the "studies shows, based on authentic research, the results showed, according to facts and figures", etc. 
  • Ge help from any research paper writing service as well as it could enhance your writing ability.



  1. Challenge yourself:



  • One of the best strategies is to use those research questions of critics or logic that is a challenge for your conducted research. 
  • Do not fear to take criticism because here, everyone holds some solid point, and they have the right to raise questions on behalf of their analytical thinking backed up with shreds of evidence. 




  1. Be evident and careful: 




  • It is an open study, right? Because you cannot stay certain without raising the question to arguments. The assignment is what lets people ponder about the central theme of the study or thesis statement
  • It depends on how you revolve around the main statement in conclusion or in overall questions with logical reasoning. 




  1. Avoid first personal narrative:




  • Use of "I" is strictly prohibited in the norm of academic essays and assessments. In fact, you can also not use words like; "We, our, us, me, myself" to stay formal. However, there are many options available. For case, you can use these studies instead of my studies and so on. 
  • You can find more written papers on how to write a research paper with an impartial style or tone for more clarity. 




  1. Precise and concise is an ideal approach:


  • Don't go too much in words. Instead, focus on quality and conveying your message in the best possible rather than increasing the number of words to reach the word count. 



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